Five Best July 4th Florida Arrests

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No. 3: 72-year-old man attacks wheelchair-bound neighbor and threatens others with gasoline


Richard Rice from Naples was in a neighborhood last holiday filled with fireworks and children. This apparently enraged the 72-year-old enough to walk up to a group of families with a container of gasoline and pronounce: "Party's over." He allegedly threatened to pour gas over the entire street and burst it with the children there.

A wheelchair-bound neighbor named Michael Jones tried to corral him, but Rice flipped him over and began pouring gas on him before police finally arrived. He told them he did it all because the fireworks were disrupting his dogs.

No. 2: Two Florida pilots booked after leading a helicopter and Air Force jet chase through the sky

Andre Morais and Daniel Oliveira, both employees of a South Florida aerial advertising company, were spotted by a police helicopter flying like crazy men. The report says they flew "dangerously close to a beach, a bridge, a cruise ship and a police helicopter" before being stopped.

The pilots also didn't have their radar transponders on and didn't make contact with air traffic controllers, as they're required to do. After six hours of questioning, authorities determined they weren't terrorists.

No. 1: A beach fight with a broken bottle, a golf cart, and a drunk 22-year-old


Last year, police responded to a fight at Holmes Beach on Anna Marie Island and arrived to find Vincent Gangi berating a man near a golf cart. Witnesses told police that Gangi hit someone in the back of the head with a glass bottle and that it broke and shattered into the face of another man, requiring stitches.

Witnesses also said Gangi started the whole thing.

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