Top Ten Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs of All Time; Cheer Up, Heat Fans!

No. 6: Stanton homers while stinkin' greens are shown on the TV -- 7/23/13

Just another epic reaction from your guys Waltz and Hutton, who transition nicely from checking out the food in the stands to screaming deliriously. HOT TIP, baseball TV producers: Don't you dare do a stupid food segment while Stanton is up to bat.

No. 5: Hitting Miami Dolphins legends -- 9/9/11

The sound the bat makes here, immediately after Braves lefty Mike Minor tosses a soft one down the pipe, is just majestic. Also, Minor didn't learn his lesson, because Stanton took him deep again later in the same game.

No. 4: Oh, Eric Stultz, you peasant, you -- 4/4/14

Padres pitcher Eric Stultz, peasant lefty, is like hundreds of pitchers in the league who all have given up bombs to Adonis Stanton, but Stultz gets to hold a place in history with this pitch. At 484 feet, it's the longest ball ever hit at Marlins Park.

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