South Florida Hurricane Coverage Panic Ratings

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In case you weren't aware, Hurricane Season just kicked off Sunday. That's right. It's that time of year again. And hopefully you're all stocked up on batteries and cans of tuna.

But no, Hurricane Season is complete without the local weather stations and storm centers and storm teams telling us about the disturbances forming in the Atlantic that will soon be the bringer of our eventual destruction.

Some weather stations tell us the forecast, while others go all out in ratcheting up the panic and making it sound like the wrath of God is upon us.

So, to get us started on Hurricane Season, we present to you the South Florida Weather Channel Coverage Panic Ratings:

7. WFOR 4 (Miami)
Craig Setzer is the chief meteorologist for WFOR, and he handles his shit real smooth like. He's so chill, the national CBS Evening News makes him its go-to guy for all its hurricane info. And he never fails to deliver a concise, professional breakdown of events, without sounding like a crazy person. Then there's Lisette Gonzalez, who is also pretty chill and also very easy on the eyes. But mostly, easy on the eyes.

Hurricane Panic Rating: Soooo chill... we'll be fine... grab a beer, kick back, and ride it out, bro.

6. WPEC 12 (West Palm Beach)
The folks at WPEC have been around long enough to know that hurricanes come and hurricanes go. And when they come, they usually hit Miami so ha. ha. ha. But really, if you want concise forecasting without the terror in the voice, WPEC 12 is the station for you. These weather people are so chill during hurricanes, they may as well give you the forecast with cocktails in their hands. Kind of like if Mad Men were based on weather people instead of ad people.

Hurricane Panic Rating: We like our hurricane coverage like we like our alcoholic beverages: smooth and cold and any time of day.

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