Joy Taylor: South Florida's Female Sports Radio Host

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Photo courtesy of The Ticket Miami
Brendan Tobin (left), Joy Taylor, and Jonathan Zaslow make up a wacky radio show that is unlike any other in town.

Has Mr. Horner lost his way to the house under the hill? Is old blind Bob having trouble finding the harbor of hope? Oh, don't despair. It's time for Just the Tips with the queen of concupiscence, Joy Taylor.

Jonathan Zaslow: Just the Tips, we do it every week at this time where Joy Taylor has your dating and sex advice, if you need, you send in your questions using #justthetips. All right, here's a question on the Plumbers 911 text line. "Joy, dude, I have a hot girlfriend, but she farts like a wild hog in her sleep. Should I confront her about it?"

Joy Taylor: Whoa. Ah, that's tough. Women are weird about the farting, like I've never farted in my entire life. Nor have I gone No. 2, so it's a problem I can't really relate to but, yeah, if you've got a sleep farter, you've either gotta suck it up or you gotta break up with her. Because once you tell her that she farts in her sleep, she's gonna be so mad at you. Like, first of all she's going to tell you you're a straight-up liar if she's smart. And then it's just gonna be awkward, so yeah, you've gotta deal with it or break up.

Zaslow: Man, she's giving him those Dutch ovens.

Taylor: *cackling laughter*

If you've tuned in to much sports radio over the past six months, that cackling, unmistakable chuckle is familiar. Back in August 2012, The Ticket Miami tabbed Marc "Hoch" Hochman and Jonathan Zaslow to team up in the mornings, and the show was well-received, with Zaslow even winning our 2013 Best Of Award for Best AM Radio Personality. Taylor, the younger sister of former Dolphins legend Jason Taylor, was the third voice on that show, brought in a couple of times an hour to give an entertainment update or something frivolous and not always about sports.

Photo courtesy of Joy Taylor
But she got her shot at history (and hosting) when Hochman left for 560 WQAM at the end of '13 when his contract expired. He wasn't allowed to start at WQAM until April 1, and in that period, Hochman recruited Taylor to join him and his new cohost, Zach Krantz, as the third wheel. While Taylor contemplated, Zaslow fretted.

"I was really nervous," he says. "I was upset about it, because overall I thought the original incarnation of the show was building something really good, and if she winds up leaving also, then the show completely changes. Look, I've done my own show for years -- I know what I'm capable of -- but I never got the reaction from my show that we got for the first incarnation of the show. Never. So I didn't want to lose it, and also as far as the way the show would change a little bit with Joy stepping into this role -- it makes the show different, and different in a good way. Because she's the only female sports host down here, so it makes the show different than everyone else, so there's an element there that we have and no one else does."

The newly dubbed Zaslow and Joy Show is still gimmicky and playful -- they did a funeral on-air for the Indiana Pacers after the Heat evaporated their season, complete with producer Brendan Tobin following callers' memorials for the Pacers with "Riley be with you" -- but in Joy's expanded role, the show skews younger (and better) with segments like "Just the Tips," in which Taylor dishes sex advice -- on morning sports radio -- unlike anything listeners down here have heard before.

With that in mind, New Times spent some time with the queen of concupiscence herself to find out what it's like being the only woman in a room forever filled with smelly, annoying sports males and where the show might go from here.

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They must be doing something right the guy on the college radio frequency is bashing them; made them everything they are today says he.   What are the comparative ratings? 


I love Joy as the third voice, she is entretaining, outgoing and have visceral opinions as any random fan, as a second voice I do not like her at all, she is forced to do analysis and it just seems she does not know enough about sports. I cannot remember the last time she brought something new to a sports conversation, she seems to be always waiting for Zaslows take and then react to his take and never the other way around. I dont think hochman is a great sports guru but at least he was always trying to contribute.

they really need a third person there that knows sports and stop forcing joy to do analysis, it is not because she is a girl, I know women that knoway more about sports than me, its just that you can notice when she struggles because she does not really know what to say, and that is painful.

still she is way better than Shae though


Not a blog guy but had to comment on how much I have been enjoying the show.  Initially thought the Hochman/Joy/Zaslow show was pretty good and tuned in going back and forth with Joe Rose show, but with this new format the show has held my attention throughout and I actually started using the podcast as I prepare to go to work and not just the radio for the drive.  This show has taken sports talk from the "barber shop" to the "sports bar."  I prefer the sports bar banter over the barber shop banter and in Miami sports bars you are usually going to have some overzealous female fans.  Joy represents the over zealous fan perfectly and am glad to have her to listen to along with the guys.  If you are hating on Joy its probably because you are not used to talking to girls at the bar and should probably listen to the older guys on the other stations.  STOP THE HATE, appreciate that there is actually a girl willing to talk to you.


Joy kicks aaaasssss! She definitely is smarter and wittier than most, if not all of the guys u hear on the radio. Her on air persona is a perfect blend of sports radio personality and the kind of girl u'd live to hang out with at a good sports bar... and she always comes across as genuine. Keep it up joy.. u rock... and zaslow/tobin are ok too.

Congrats on ur success... it is well deserved.

Santiago Lavandera


Joy is literally the worst sports personality in south Florida and it's not even close. She steals zaslows takes, tries to act like him, brings a total of 0 analysis to topics, and simply thunders in with boisterous remarks that rarely lend anything to the conversations. As a loyal 790 listener for over 8 years it has been so painful listening to her ruin what would be a decent show otherwise. She may be an awesome person, she sounds friendly and extroverted. But she doesn't belong on radio, she's god awful. First time I've had to change the dial in 8 years.

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