Most Important News From Erik Spoelstra, Pat Riley at Shabazz Napier Introductory Presser

After his press conference, Napier joined The Ticket Miami (104.3 FM/ 790 AM) and spoke with Ethan Skolnick and Chris Wittyngham, filling in today for the normally scheduled Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Here's a transcription of their talk with Napier:

The Ticket: The newest member of the Miami Heat, Shabazz Napier, is waiting for us. Shabazz, thank you for taking out the time and congratulations.

Hey, no problem. And thank you.

Now, I wanted to start here: We learned today that this was your first time ever in the city of Miami. How long have you been here and what have you done so far?

I've been here since Saturday morning. And so far, I've been trying to find places that I can stay in. I've been to some restaurants with some of the Heat staff members.

What are the restaurants? What are we hitting up?

Well, they took me to the one and only Prime 112. That was definitely a good place to go.

Now, you get asked these questions all the time, NBA players get asked these questions all the time. Who are your comps, your favorite players, your favorite teams. But I want to take a 2014 spin on that question. When you're playing 2K, the NBA video game, who are you playing with?

Well, I haven't played in awhile. Probably almost six months ago I stopped playing. But usually the way I play with my former teammates in college was we used to do randoms. You get three randoms, and the fourth one you have to stay with it so it wasn't one particular team. If you pick the Heat, it's kind of a cheat.

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