33 Questions for the Miami Heat's Finals Rematch Against the San Antonio Spurs

19. So what scares you the most about the Spurs?

I'd say Kawhi Leonard and his giant-ass hands.

20. Oh. Yeah. That guy.

He really seemed to bother LeBron at times last year -- although not for long. Still, he's one of many Spurs who are guaranteed to get on our nerves throughout these Finals. Leonard, Green, Manu, Boris Diaw, Patty Mills, Marco Belinelli,

21. OK. Jesus. Stop. You're freaking me out again!


22. I mean, what's the point of even playing this series if the Spurs are so magnificently indestructible?

Well, besides what I said about Wade being healthy and Bosh having a big series and our role players having the potential to come up big?

23. Well. Yeah. Shit. My ass is all clenchy again!

Well... LeBron.

24. GO ON...

LeBron is simply the best player in the world. He's the strongest, most efficient, most intelligent player out there. He's deep in his prime, and he's giving the Spurs their own ass-clench.

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