33 Questions for the Miami Heat's Finals Rematch Against the San Antonio Spurs


Here we are.

The two best teams in the world ready to square off tonight at 9 on ABC.

This 2014 NBA Finals is a rematch of last year's Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. And it promises to be a doozy.

With the series kicking off tonight and Vegas fluctuating between favoring Miami one day and San Antonio the next, it seems as if the Spurs are coming in as slight favorites to win it all.

But there are many burning questions to answer as the Heat goes for its three-peat.

So, let's try to tackle them as we get ready for another epic showdown.

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1. So what should we expect in this series?

A lot of action, a lot of runs, a lot of points, and a lot of drama. Chances are this series won't be able to live up to last year's version, but it's going to come pretty damned close. Also, expect a lot of ass-clenching moments.

2. Ass-clenching?

Yes. Like when Danny Green hit roughly 8,572 three-pointers in Game 3 last year. Or like when we were down three with 28 seconds remaining in Game 6 with the series on the line. You know. Ass-clenching.

3. Oh. Yeah. My ass is clenching right now just thinking about it.

Yeah. And the scary part is that this Spurs team appears to be better than last year's Spurs team. So pucker up.

4. Yoinks. OK, so let's talk strategy. What do the Spurs bring to the table?

In a word: precision. They are a precision offense that is excellent at shooting the ball around before they find the perfect opportunity for a high-percentage shot. This is where Tony Parker is key. If he's on his game, it makes things that much tougher.

5. But isn't his ankle screwed up?

So they say. But Tony Parker is French. If movies about World War II have taught us anything, it's never trust the French.

6. What will the Heat do, then?

Well, what seemed to work for the team against San Antonio last year was when Miami went small. The Spurs couldn't handle Miami's small-ball offense, and with Dwyane Wade on the sidelines at times, things opened up for the Heat's offense. Their spacing was better, their defense tighter, and their runs quicker. The Heat might mix and match some version of that in these Finals, because it was devastating last year.

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