Man Jumps From CityPlace Parking Garage as Gun Shots Are Fired

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Photo by Steph k hill via Wikipedia Commons
A man jumped from the third level of the parking garage at CityPlace early Monday morning, police say.

There are also reports of gunshots being heard at or around CityPlace Muvico at the time the man jumped.

It's unclear if he was running from the gunshots or if he was the one shooting.

According to West Palm Beach Police, the man jumped from the third level of the parking garage around 2 a.m. Monday near Hibiscus Street and Quadrille Avenue.

He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital. Police say he didn't suffer any major injuries and is expected to be fine.

There is an ongoing investigation to figure out who the man is and if he was the target of a gunman.

This story will be updated as we receive more information.

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Marion Young
Marion Young

Kathleen Richards Mancuso did you hear about this?? You can't go anywhere anymore.

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