LeBron James Redefines #LeBroning as Heat Ties Finals 1-1

- Mario Chalmers Is a Fucking Idiot

He might get suspended for this. Maybe. Actually, hopefully. Because holy dick mugs, he's been atrocious.


- The Shardnado Carnage

In our Finals preview, we said that not having Mike Miller was a total bummer but that the Heat would counter that with a Voltron Mike Miller -- pieces of what made Mike a great player in big moments coming together in the form of guys like Rashard Lewis, James Jones, and Shane Battier.

In Game 2, it was Rashard. Showing flashes of his Orlando Magic days, Lewis started things off roughly. He played solid enough defense, but his shots looked like he was tossing Ziplock bags filled with piss at the basket.

But then he recovered and quietly blow a hole in the Spurs' defense with a 5-for-9, 14-point performance, giving the Heat a much-needed ass-kicky performance from someone not named James, Bosh or Wade.

You know, like Mike used to do.

Game 3 is on Tuesday at the American Airlines Arena


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