LeBron James Redefines #LeBroning as Heat Ties Finals 1-1


-Chris Bosh Dino Awesomeness

In our Finals preview, we said Bosh would have some big moments, because he was no longer tethered to the tough matchup the Pacers presented. And, so far, WE ARE A BASKETBALL GENIUS.

Bosh has stepped up as LeBron's worthy sidekick with solid, back-to-back performances, but none bigger than his ass-wrecking play in Game 2.

There are times when he gets swallowed up by Tim Duncan, but that's to be expected against the Spurs' best player. But Bosh holds his own. And in Game 2, we saw more than just his silky-smoove jumpers falling from the sky. We saw him attacking the rim and devouring Thiago Splitter like a hungry velociraptor that makes funny faces at the camera and screams a lot.


Of course, Bosh's biggest moment came with a minute left in the fourth quarter. With LeBron smashing dicks and collapsing the Spurs' defense, Bosh was able to reboot his Game 5 miss against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals by running the same play but this time knocking down the three.

And then, with just 24 seconds remaining and the Heat clinging to a three-point lead, Bosh again attacked the rim. But because the Spurs feared his ferociousness and his previous attacks to the rim gave San Antonio collective shrinkage, Boris Diaw and Tim Duncan went at Bosh to try to stop him from dunking. But this was a mistake. Because Bosh is a clever velociraptor, and he roundhouse-kicked San Antonio's hopes of going 2-0 in the Finals right in the proverbial nutsack with a bounce pass to an open Dwyane Wade for a game-sealing layup.


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