LeBron James Redefines #LeBroning as Heat Ties Finals 1-1

After he was forced out of Game 1 with cramps and had to be carried to the bench by Heat trainers, the Twittersphere began mocking LeBron James with a viral #LeBroning hashtag that showed people being carried in pain.

In Game 2, LeBron took #LeBroning and bent it, torqued it, crushed it, and molded it into what he thinks it should be.

So now #LeBroning doesn't mean being carried off in pain anymore. #LeBroning stands for the physical embodiment of the ass-wrecking, planet-crushing, face-destroying power that emanates from one LeBron James.

The Rundown:



It takes a special kind of amazeballs player to be completely eviscerated by the entire planet because his body ceased working with debilitating cramps one night, only to bounce back and silence the masses by completely torching the basketball court with his prowess the next night.

LeBron James is that amazeballs player.

Yet when James does need that breather, the Heat seems to wilt without him, even with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the floor.

For those who insist that complaining about no A/C in Game 1 was nothing but whining, look at how bad the Heat is without him on the floor and how kick-you-in-the-balls awesome it is when he's in the game:

Simply put, the Heat have outscored San Antonio by 11 points and have shot 60 percent when LeBron is on the floor during these Finals.


Game 2 really was a sight to behold. With the Spurs hitting threes at an insanely ridiculous clip, Wade playing sloppy, and the Heat defense collapsing during every San Antonio possession, LeBron kept coming in waves, with the very same toughness so many continue to insist he doesn't have, and buried shot after shot.

And the shots fell. From the post, from the perimeter, from the three-point line, like the falling, smoldering embers raining down from an active volcano, burying all hopes below.

No matter how much the vaunted Spurs' offense did to break Miami's back, LeBron was simply better. Better than Tim Duncan's high-percentage shots. Better than Tony Parker all of a sudden hitting threes. Better than the Spurs shooting 46 percent from three.

Better than the hate.

LeBron scored 22 points on 8-for-11 shooting in the second half, including 3-for-3 from the three-point line.

He was an unflinching, unselfish star who ignited his opponents, doubters, haters, critics, foes, and comparisons to Michael Jordan with a flamethrower in a wonton basketball slaughter that left no doubt about who the best player on the planet is.

In the end, LeBron followed up The Cramp Game and the raining knives of criticisms and venom with a 35-point, ten-rebound performance that tied the series heading back to Miami.


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