Five Reasons for Heat Fans to Keep Their Heads Up

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Pat Riley once said, "There's winning, and there's misery."

After back-to-back years of winning, parades, pots and pans, parties, T-shirts, and jubilation, Miami Heat fans are on the miserable side of things this morning.

And while this NBA Finals loss stings, it's not as bad as the hurt we all felt after the 2011 Finals when the Heat fell to the Dallas Mavericks -- who were not the better team, all told.

Chin up, Heat fans. We lost to a team that, frankly, no one was beating. This Spurs team was unprecedented in the way it dismantled everyone else (seriously, look up the numbers for these playoffs). Kudos to them. No shame in losing to that juggernaut.

Still, it sucks, and the Haters are out in force today after having to eat it for the past two seasons.

But buck up, dammit! There are some things to feel good about this morning!

Here are the Top Five reasons every Heat fan should keep his or her head up going forward this summer:

5. Four Straight Finals Appearances, Back-to-Back Championships

Think about that for a minute and soak it in. Four straight NBA Finals appearances. That's pretty much unheard-of (at least in this day and age). Heat fans have been gloriously sleep-deprived for four straight Junes, watching their team play for the Larry O'Brien trophy while all the rest of the NBA's fan bases could do watch as their teams got plowed through, obliterated, and destroyed.

Of the 30 NBA teams, only 17 have won an NBA championship in the league's long history. The Miami Heat is among that group.

Among those 17, only ten have won multiple championships. The Heat is among that elite group.

And among that elite group, the Miami Heat is one of just six teams that have ever won back-to-back NBA championships.

It's rare and it's difficult to win an NBA title. This Heat team has been to the mountain four straight times, coming out on top twice.

The Heat also was part of what many call the greatest Finals ever played when it went up against the Spurs in 2013 -- and won.

There's also this: Game 6, The Shot.

All told, that's pretty damned special.

4. We Have the Best Player on the Planet Playing in His Prime

He's Michael Jordan mixed with Magic Johnson. The reincarnation of Oscar Robertson -- only bigger, stronger, and faster.

He's a triple-double machine with an insane shooting efficiency and an ability to wreck defenses and rims alike.

He's the perfect basketball machine and is hailed as an on-court genius -- a human basketball analytic.

A four-time MVP winner (so far), two time-gold medalist, two-time champion (so far), and two-time NBA Finals MVP (so far), LeBron James is a once-in-a-generation player and will end his career as a Top Three all-time great.

And we're watching him play for our team in his prime.

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Andrew Creech
Andrew Creech

Fuck Basketball. This is supposed to be a football town.


Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5……….LMFAO!!  The Heat layer down like sick dogs to the spurs……it wasn't even competitive!!  How does the best player in the world let his team lose by 30 points every night??  The reason why America hates the Heat is because of their terrible "fans!"  You guys are pathetic and we all know once Lebron leaves you will be able to buy tickets for 6 bucks on stub hub..

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