David Mech, Ex-Porn Actor/Math Tutor, Running for Palm Beach County School Board

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Mech's other talking points are colored by his own experience with the lawsuit. "You have this School Board that's basically wasting money and educational resources on litigating cases that do nothing to further our cause to educate kids," he says. "It's shameful."

Mech points out that he's far from the only person who's been fired or pushed out of education because of off-duty activity. "It happens all the time, from Olivia Sprauer to Ashley Payne," he says. "How does it impact their ability to teach Spanish if they were at Miami Velvet on Saturday night?"

So, he argues, does a teacher's behavior really matter that much if that teacher is doing a good job in the classroom? Or, taking it a step further, do you want your School Board to dump cash into fighting such lawsuits?

Mech gleefully pours gasoline on these debates, and that's why his candidacy is no stunt but an important exercise. Brill and the other candidates for the August 26 primary are gonna talk boring School Board stuff. Mech is teasing out the hypocrisy and hysteria in our feelings about sex.

But he doesn't plan any major campaigning or fundraising. Mech says he's got a website with a detailed look at his views. People can read it and vote for him if they vibe with his worldview.

"If people think we should fire teachers who are bikini models on the weekend, then don't vote for me," he says.

Mech's lawsuit is inching forward in federal court. Right now, a trial date is set for November.

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Lyndsey Takacs
Lyndsey Takacs

This is great! If he's the right fit for the job currently, who cares what he's done in the past!

Colleen Marie
Colleen Marie

I know him. Or, knew him...I haven't seen him in a few years. But he is incredibly smart and caring. He's a genuinely good guy and I hope people will be able to look past their predudices about the adult industry and do whats right..hire someone who legitimately cares about helping educate children

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