Brush Fire Puts Smoky Haze Over South Florida

Dillon Boggs, via Twitter
South Florida looks a lot like a Renaissance painting today. The skyline and the cityscape bleed into each other with the most minuscule of brush strokes. But no, an imaginary Leonardo did not restyle South Florida to look like the Mona Lisa. What you're seeing is not sfumato; it's smoke.

A giant-ass wildfire broke out in the Everglades yesterday afternoon, shutting down State Road 27. Although that road has now reopened, the blaze keeps blazing, and smoke can be seen as far south as Kendall. The National Weather Service is even warning people with breathing problems to stay inside, although conditions should improve greatly by about 10 a.m.

The fire, which has already claimed 3,000 acres, was presumably a result of yesterday's lightning storm -- which also blew holes in Fort Lauderdale airport's one and only runway -- forcing dozens of planes to reroute.

Nick Ciletti, via Twitter

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Yamilet Morris
Yamilet Morris

Whoa this is what I was talking about Lorne Buck Morris


Like we need more crap in the air..

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