Videos Capture Police in Riot Gear Clearing Out Fort Lauderdale Beach on Memorial Day

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Photo by ineedtodothedishes via Instagram
As we reported earlier this morning, Fort Lauderdale Beach saw some intense action yesterday. Police cracked down when festivities got out of hand, clearing out the streets in riot gear and making numerous arrests. The Instagram clips below capture the police state in full swing.

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frankd4 topcommenter

...............a very nice PHOTO-OP

truth is about where those SWAT TEAM LEOs are standing is an area considered a PUBLIC NUISANCE with many many hundreds if not a few thousand calls annually for various illegal activity

i BET if YOU went to that exact SPOT right now the typical DRUG DEALERs and loitering hobos and vagrant and miscreants would BE THERE NOW !

all this is just a show because local elected yokels and BSO and FLPD LEOs are getting pulled into the ROTHSTEIN fraud with senior LEOs going down and others to follow - at least wo dozen will serve time

so i guess desperate times call for desperate measures and the LEOs have to show how valuable they are to the community (when they themselves are bought by fraudster m o n e y !)

the recent MEMORIAL DAY arrests won't amount to more than a few JAYWALKing and LOITERing charges - and that's that - just a big show


Celebrate the Amazing Benefits of Divershitty™, all you naive white-guilt-ridden libtard "progressives"!

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