Ryan Uhre Tested Positive for Cocaine, Alcohol, and Weed, According to Toxicology Report

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Weston native and FSU student Ryan Uhre, whose body was discovered on the rooftop of a building in Tallahassee in February after he had vanished for nearly two weeks, had cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana in his system.

This according to the toxicology report and documents released by the Tallahassee Police Department on Tuesday, formally closing the case.

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Uhre's disappearance had been a high-profile case since he went missing during this year's Super Bowl weekend. Uhre's disappeared had been a long and winding mystery, even after police discovered his body.

Several reports surfaced of Uhre being spotted walking with a man, while other reports said he was last seen alone in an alley near the building where he died.

Another report said that Uhre's cell phone had pinged somewhere in the Pompano Beach area during the two weeks he had been missing.

The witness accounts ended up being false leads, and Tallahassee Police said the cell-phone ping was a mistake.

An op-ed piece by Norm Kent of South Florida Gay News suggested that Uhre's sexuality may have been something to look into, citing an unrelated case about a young Jacksonville man who was murdered after "turning a trick." Kent also attempted to speak with Uhre's religious father, Michael Uhre, about his son's sexuality but was hung up on several times.

Uhre's body was eventually found on the rooftop of the building where he was last seen after a tipster inside a hair salon adjacent to the building spotted his body from a window and contacted police.

A preliminary autopsy by the Leon County Medical Examiner had shown that Uhre's death was the result of blunt trauma to the head after he fell from the second story of the abandoned building. Police also concluded that the fall was accidental.

Uhre had apparently fallen from a window that had been boarded up. According to the incident report, the plywood boarding up the window appeared to have been kicked in or pushed through.

His body found lying next to a piece of broken plywood.

The official cause of death, according to the autopsy report, was blunt-force head trauma, though there was also trauma to his body sustained from the fall. But it was his head injuries that killed him.

A trace of marijuana was found in his urine, according to the report. Uhre also was found to have had alcohol and cocaine in his system.

The incident report says Uhre was alone when he died.

"It appears that Uhre fell from the window or was possibly trying to climb down to the bottom floor and fell backwards striking his head on the concrete floor," the report says. "There was no indication anyone else was on the roof with Uhre or inside the building where he was located."

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His friend said it was normal for him to be heavily intoxicated. :) Nice.


and how exactly does one collect a urine sample from a dead person? Makes ZERO sense.  "A trace of marijuana was found in his urine"


Life is just a party and parties aren't meant to last.


Another weed death. I think he flew to Colorado and ate an edible. Had to be the pot


he would have been ok if he just got drunk and smoked the crack pipe


Had to be the weed.


@God1 how does one do a urine test on a dead guy?  something's fishy in this story


@God1 Well t sure wasn't the 30 ounces of Vodka that caused him to loose his balance. Alcohol would never do that since they sell it in corner stores. Had to be the weed. :)

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