Rick Scott Says "I'm Not a Scientist" as He Continues to Ignore Climate Change Issue

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Back in 2012, Marco Rubio invoked his right to tell people he wasn't a scientist when he was asked something that has a clear answer based on scientific evidence.

Now Gov. Rick Scott is also invoking that right, for the seemingly same reasons.

On Tuesday, the governor was asked if he, like many in his party and like Rubio himself, believes that climate change is not caused by humans.

Scott then dropped a truthbomb on everyone by responding, "I'm not a scientist."

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Scott then added, "But I know what I can do, and that is do everything I can do to protect the environment."

The comments come on the heels of Marco Rubio criticizing the Obama administration's National Climate Assessment last week and the claims by the majority of scientists that climate change is very much man-made.

They also come at a time when Scott is set to approve the construction of a new nuclear plant in Turkey Point and another in Miami for Florida Power & Light Co.

It's already been proven that power plants are toxic for the environment and that the FPL plant in Palm Beach County is one of the state's dirtiest.

Moreover, Scott's environmental record isn't so hot.

Among some of his green crimes: messing up the state's waters, not signing off on saving the state's wildflower, seriously hamstringing the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, appointing a man who was responsible for screwing up the Everglades to protect the very Everglades he screwed up, and gutting Florida's environmental protection programs across the board.

Scott has also taken more than $1 million in campaign contributions from utility companies, with $550,000 of that coming from FPL.

When pressed further Tuesday about his climate change stance, Scott said, "Here's what I try to do. I try to make sure that whatever we can do, we are doing."

Rubio, for his part, was a bit clearer on his stance, saying last week that "it's an enormous threat to say that every weather incident that we now read about is -- or the majority of them are -- attributable to human activity."

Meanwhile, the National Climate Assessment says that South Florida, in particular, is "exceptionally vulnerable to sea level rise."

Adding the potential environmental wrecking ball new power plants will be to an already-sinking Florida is the fact that construction of said plants will hit Florida residents right in the wallet, thanks to Florida's utility tax, which is the state's nuclear cost recovery fee.

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Dont understand why so many choose to ignore the problem that they are being warned about.  If your in the middle of the street and someone yells that a car is coming, do you just stand there?

riverrat69 topcommenter

Whod'a thunk it. Rick Scott is not a scientist.

Curt Cole
Curt Cole

So why doesn't he heed the scientists who say climate change is real. instead he just sticks his head in the sand while the polar icecaps melt

Sam Smith
Sam Smith

Between him and Rubio, sure seems like they both hate Florida (since we are at the front line of climate change risk).


@winsomelosesome If we still had all that cash wasted on two unnecessary wars, we could have put solar panels on EVERY roof in the nation, with cash left over to fix the infrastructure.  Would have provided a HELL of a lot of juice to use, even here in Florida.

riverrat69 topcommenter

@winsomelosesome Why don't you tell us where the nuclear waste from the existing reactors and the two new ones is going to go? Just leave the solution for the next generation and the one after that. Typical teabag ignorance.

winsomelosesome topcommenter


Well, we don't.  Just not into the Bush diversion today. 

Any other ideas?   How about windmills in the Atlantic?

winsomelosesome topcommenter


Still no alternative.  Just wind form an old wind bag.  Maybe we can harness all the hot air coming from nimrods like you.

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