Five Horrible Florida Moms

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When's the last time you called your mother? No, seriously, pull out your phone right now and take a look. You realize we're talking about the person who gave you life and ostensibly molded you into the person you are today, right? For shame, dear reader. For shame.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and we here at the Pulp are giving you the head's-up a few days in advance so you can cue up the Edible Arrangements website or visit your local Yankee Candle Co. in time for the weekend.

And when Sunday comes along, don't forget to whip out the smart device your parents are probably still footing the bill for. We know you'll be grilled on who you're seeing these days, forced to discuss whatever happened to someone you couldn't care less about from high school, and asked inane questions about whether you've been eating, showering, and calling your grandma (Don't worry, there's not another holiday for that), but you owe it to your mom for not making this list. Here are the five worst Florida moms of the past year, ranked from harmless to horrible.

5. Chonga Mom
If you have to have a "bad mom," she might as well be a badass too. All right, all right, I guess we can't really condone a grown woman slapping a 12-year-old girl, but apparently Irisdaly Rios was giving a preteen bully her comeuppance. Is that really so bad in the scheme of things? At least there's a moral purpose here -- Rios seems truly invested in the well-being of her spawn. The story goes that back in March, when the above video was taken, a Hialeah Middle School student named Ashley Perez was bulling Rios' daughter. Rios, whom this paper deemed Chonga Mom when the story broke, was arrested on battery charges.

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Barbara Menendez of Sawgrass is one of the core members of the Bad Moms Club.

4. Bad Moms Club
In 2012, two Broward divorcees realized they'd wasted their lives toiling away in suburbia and decided to change course.

They formed the Bad Moms Club, a coterie of similarly minded, middle-aged women who now enjoy sexting and stalking NFL players. Their mouths are vulgar, their desires are carnal, and their future will be televised. VICE is slated to make these moms its first foray into the medium sometime this year.

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