Margate City Commission Approves Same-Sex Health Benefits

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You can now add Margate in the growing number of Broward County and Palm Beach cities extending benefits to same-sex couples.

In a 3-2 vote earlier this week, Margate's city commissioners approved to extend benefits to same-sex couples who were legally married in another state, or are in a domestic partnership.

Included in the benefits are health, dental, and life, insurance, as well as the Employee Assistance Program and FMLA for maternity, bereavement, or sick leave.

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Just last year, the Town Council of Palm Beach passed a similar extension, voting to allow benefits for domestic partnerships, including health and dental insurance coverage, bereavement leave, illness in the immediate family leave, family and medical leave, and domestic violence leave.

Last month, the city of Pembroke Pines extended similar benefits to its same-sex married and domestic partner couples.

That city's commissioners unanimously agreed in a 5-0 vote to extend the same benefits to employees in domestic partnerships as those who are married.

The Margate vote was tighter and not without some controversy.

Commissioner Tommy Ruzzano, one of two commissioners that voted against, said he'd rather the motion had gone to voters in a referendum.

Ruzzano argued the economics of the measure, with the benefits likely costing the city around $160,000 a year.

Anthony Caggiano, who gave the other nay vote, agreed with Ruzzano, saying that the costs could run too high for the city.

"We're not some rich city," Caggiano, who plans to run against openly-gay Margate Mayor Lesa Peerman in November, said during the meeting. "This is open to tremendous abuse because roommates could say they are partners for the benefits."

In response to Ruzzano and Caggiano's arguments, Peerman said the decision to extend benefits was not the responsibility for voters. Voters, Peerman said, shouldn't have to decide what benefits employees get.

"Everybody should have the right to take care of the people they love," she said, per the Sun-Sentinel.

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The policy also covers opposite sex domestic partners. Anthony Caggiano is not a commissioner, he spoke against the policy. The other nay vote was, as she said before she voted that she believed that people should be able to take care of the ones they love but she wanted to wait to see if the health insurance payments could be more equitable before implementing this. The estimate was 5 same sex and 10 opposite sex employees. As I said Wed. if those 15 people quit tomorrow and were replaced by 15 traditional married people the cost would be the same the only difference is there would be no discussion about cost. Elected officials are elected to make the hard decisions,  not to put everything out to the voters when it is convenient for them to say it. Vote yes or vote no but do your job as a commissioner/


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