Lynn Rosenthal, Broward Circuit Judge, Arrested on DUI Charge in Courthouse Parking Lot

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Judge Lynn Rosenthal
Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal rammed her black BMW SUV into a car in the Broward County courthouse parking lot on Tuesday morning.

Unfortunately for Rosenthal, the car she struck happened to be a parked BSO squad car. Even more unfortunate, she was allegedly drunk.

According to BSO, the incident happened around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

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BSO says Rosenthal, 56, struck the parked cruiser in the lot of the county courthouse located at 201 SE Sixth St. in Fort Lauderdale, causing damage to her side rear-view mirror.

Rosenthal, who had served as Assistant United States Attorney beginning in 1985 and put away many on drug trafficking charges over the years, was appointed by Rick Scott and sworn in on August 1, 2012.

Her arrest comes three weeks after another Broward County Circuit Judge, Gisele Pollack, was arrested on DUI charges.

Pollack, a misdemeanor drug court judge, has had trouble with substance abuse in the past.

Back in March, Pollack, 56, was behaving erratically in the courtroom and at times slurred her words. Her meltdown on the bench led Pollack to take personal leave and shortly thereafter check herself into an outpatient treatment program in Weston.

Before that, in December, Pollack had reportedly shown up for work inebriated. She began drunkenly threatening to have her staff fired when they confronted her about it.

When her staff tried to keep her from going to the bench drunk, her response was reportedly to say, "Fuck you, you're fired."

Just this past November, yet another Broward judge, Cynthia Imperato, was also busted for DUI.

As for Rosenthal, she was arrested Tuesday morning following her incident on DUI charges and booked into the Broward main jail, according to police.

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Rosenthal is an ethically bankrupt disgrace to jurisprudence. Let this bootlicker to cannabis prohibition atone for the damage she has done to the American people by resigning, apologizing, and putting her money and energy into legalizing cannabis for all adults in Florida and beyond.

Carl Burkhardt
Carl Burkhardt

Joan Swimm.. 1 of them hit a police car AT the courthouse....

Paul Sutherland
Paul Sutherland

Forget drug testing for welfare. Looks like Florida needs breathalizers for judges before they go to work. Drunk by 8am? ...Or maybe still drunk from previous night?

Mike Mione
Mike Mione

Put that b in a tank and charge her thanks to Rick Scott and destruction of city property too

Mike Mione
Mike Mione

I hope she gets what she deserves for it she should know better when maximum sentences where issued to people by the courts and false reports where made that screw up lives of citizens by police in this county

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