LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Unleash Their Combined Awesomeness on Pacers

The Heat was able to overcome Lance Stephenson's insufferableness and his stupid 25 points. It was also able to overcome Bosh's never-ending and losing battle with WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU? While he did hit a key three-pointer late in the game, he was still pretty atrocious, scoring just nine points and heaving up awful shots that just aren't connecting.

But LeBron and Wade were human wrecking balls of justice and evened the series out as they ripped home court advantage away from the Pacers as the series heads to Miami.

LeBron dropped 22 points and snatched seven rebounds overall while dishing out six assists. Wade joined in the maelstrom of Pacer cock-drop-kicking and contributed 23 points of his own on a lights-out 10-for-16 shooting.

The result was a monumental ass-beating at the hands of two of the best players in the NBA.


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fire.ant topcommenter

"awesomeness"? more bump and grind than a leg show. and talk about steps...


I look forward to these articles after every game.  Thanks!

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Clutch, clutch jump shot by Wade sealed the deal. The reverse dunk on the assist from LeBron was nice icing.


I wouldn't call it a monumental ass beating - more like waking up in the last 5 minutes of the game.

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