Dwyane Wade's Eight Most Questionable Fashion Choices (Photos)


4. Dad shoes

D-Wade is rockin' those good dad loafers here -- you know, the ones he bought at Macy's for $3.50 that were 88 percent off because they were an irregular size and weird. Wade definitely should have left these babies with the 13 red stickers on top of each other on that rack.


5. The Highlighter's

These pants remind me of the '90s, when people used to take the highlighter insides out of the casing and put them in St. Ides bottles full of water, because they looked cool under a black light.


6. The Bed Sheet

Here Wade wrapped his entire bed sheet around his throat, all in the name of fashion. Seriously, this doesn't look comfortable, and it looks as if he can't turn his head at all.


7. The Grandma Couch

This jacket looks like it got jumped by your grandma's couch and the centerpieces at your sister's wedding.

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Don't pick on DWade... His mothers a crack head, his ex wife is a nut case and he was born in the worst toilet in america, Chicago. It's a wonder he has made it this far.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Ouch. Definitely has that "look at me for all the wrong reasons" affliction. That is way beyond metrosexual and 1/2 step short of "Les Cages aux Folles".

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