Dwyane Wade's Eight Most Questionable Fashion Choices (Photos)

Listen, as you prepare for tomorrow's game three of the Eastern Conference championship, remember: Dwyane Wade is your boy. But even your boy is indefensible at times. Tuesday night, Wade wore flood pants, and yes, this was another one of those times his fashion choices left you just shaking your head. We get it: There are lots of things happening in the fashion world -- trends only the wealthy and more industry-connected know about, but bruh, c'mon bruh, bruh.

There is a trend to this as well. Wade doesn't break out the truly crazy stuff during the regular season; he waits until the world is focused on the Heat late in the season, then BOOM! Hey, Wade can wear whatever he wants -- he's kicking ass on the basketball court, has brought three championships to Miami, and is the biggest reason the Heat were able to land LeBron James and Chris Bosh a few seasons ago. It's just amazing to see what he comes up with next, that's all.

You really have to feel bad for Dwyane Wade's housekeeper. It must be hell sorting laundry in that household. Are these Gabrielle Union's pants or Wade's? IMPOSSIBLE TO DECIPHER! Give this person a raise.

Here are a few of Dwyane Wade's most memorable moments in shocking fashion choices. And remember, we still love you, Dwyane.


1. The Mom 1980s Business Suit

This outfit looks like something your mom wore when she was selling real estate in 1988; all that is missing is UB40 playing in the background. This was the first time Wade hit you with the pants that stop at the shin. Nah, man, just... nah.

2. The Flood

Everyone was like "oh hey, look, Dwyane Wade got that Miami Vice look going on -- that's cool!" Then he stood up. The pants are a mix of basketball shorts, Capri pants, and cut sweatpants your ex-girlfriend wore when she really let herself go.


3. The Pumpkin

This look wouldn't be that bad in some colors, but burnt orange is not one of those colors. Look at LeBron walking in front of him like a kid embarrassed by his mom at the mall. C'mon, Wade.

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Don't pick on DWade... His mothers a crack head, his ex wife is a nut case and he was born in the worst toilet in america, Chicago. It's a wonder he has made it this far.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Ouch. Definitely has that "look at me for all the wrong reasons" affliction. That is way beyond metrosexual and 1/2 step short of "Les Cages aux Folles".

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