18 Reasons Why Rooting for the Pacers Over the Heat Is Dumb

On Wednesday, the good folks over at Buzzfeed put together yet another one of their massive listicles that get read by billions of people all over the Interwebs.

This one, titled 18 Reasons You Should Cheer for the Pacers Over the Heat, was a doozy.

We assume this is some kind of guide for people who are on the fence on whom to support. Or maybe for people who just need more reason to hate the Heat.

But, upon further review, the arguments for rooting for the Pacers over the Heat fall in on themselves.

Let's take a gander and break down the many reasons why every reason listed is dumb.


What Buzzfeed Says: Because of Paul George who has an average of 21.7 points and 6.8 rebounds per game.

What Pulp Says: Indeed. Root for a guy who is basically the 11th or 15th best player in the league. George didn't even break the top ten in scoring this year and ranked 18th in rebounds. A VOTE FOR THE PACERS IS A VOTE FOR MEDIOCRITY!

What Buzzfeed Says: And because of David West making Chris Bosh look like this.


What Pulp Says: Oh.


(By the way... that was a three-pointer Bosh shot. Over West. He nailed it. Boom.

What Buzzfeed Says: Because of Miami flops

What Pulp Says: LOLOLO OK!

And of course...


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Good column. Fuck the Pacers. But did you know that this paper used to publish articles about how Lebron was arrogant and other such bullshit while he played for the Heat??!!  This very blog cheered the Heat's loss to the Mavericks in the NBA finals! Shameful

Dave Pazos
Dave Pazos

You guys forgot #19: The Pacers only have like 6 or 7 actual fans. The rest of them are just loser Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics fans.


My toddler nephews get into these type of one-upping tit-for-tat arguments all the time. Very classy with Lance. I wonder how many terrible Bosh pics you ran into before you could find him playing well against the Pacers. That's probably what set you off and made you go ham on Lance. I'm glad the IN media hasn't resorted to attacking players personally or complaining about refs. If they have, shame on them too.


@MrBobHarris Enjoy rooting for the guy that threw his pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs, BOB.

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