What Buzzfeed Got Wrong About Fort Lauderdale

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8. Only in paradise... can this be the only footwear you need 365 days a year.

Sorry, but 365 days of wearing sandals is acceptable only if you're Jimmy Buffett or a mannequin. We do have jobs and weddings and funerals in Fort Lauderdale, so from time to time, we take off our Hawaiian shirts and put down our piña coladas and actually put on shoes.

Photo by Ian Witlen
11. Would you rather be stuck in traffic looking at someone's "witty" bumper sticker or this gorgeous view?

That's unfair. First of all, you can't frame a question like that. It's like walking into a doctor's waiting room and saying, "Hey, guys, would you rather be here or at Natalie Portman's dinner party?"

I don't know if this reason is trying to imply that there isn't traffic in Fort Lauderdale, because that is simply as false as the teeth of the old lady who just cut you off.

Photo by Andrew Soria
4. ...a stay-cation destination where this is how Christmas is celebrated...

Unless you're Jewish. Then it's just another reminder that Christmas is a showoff.

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Rachel R Levy Lewis
Rachel R Levy Lewis

Bravo, New Times. This is quite possibly some of the best journalism you have produced in a while (as I sit here eating my Karen's Salad from My Market Deli and pondering how I will kill the person who bought the rest of the egg potato salad).

Lindy Loo
Lindy Loo

Aimee Noelle funniest thing I've read in a long time. I'm cracking up at orientation.

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