Top Ten Miami Heat Moments of the 2013-14 Regular Season

Photo by Alex Broadwell
The 2013-14 NBA regular season finally came to an end Wednesday night, and the playoff matchups are all set.

The Heat will begin its quest for a third-straight title on Sunday when it hosts the Charlotte Bobcats at the American Airlines Arena at 3:30 p.m. (EST).

It's been a harrowing regular season for the defending champs, with Dwyane Wade missing a bunch of games and the Heat losing some frustrating games against subpar teams. It even had a chance to lock up the number-one seed in the East but stumbled down the stretch.

But none of that matters now. What matters is that the playoffs are a whole other animal. And it's time for the Heat to turn on the retro rockets and start obliterating its way through the competition to get back to the top of the mountain.

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But before that, let's revisit the Top Ten moments of the regular season the Heat gave us on and off the court:

10. When Spo Made This Face

9. That Time LeBron Bought the Whole Team WWE Championship Belts

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Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

Whut? I don't care if they're in first place; the Heat look like shit this season.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

5th best record in league (Out of 30) 2nd. in the NBA East.  "Look like shit" ???

Thanks coach

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