Five Things We Learned From the Miami Heat Sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats

3. James Jones Is Wrecking Ass
A quick look at the metrics reveals an interesting nugget: Whenever James Jones is in the game for the Heat, the other team's collective assholes explode into a fine powder. Look it up!


4. Sweeping Is Fun!
The Heat are the only team to finish off their series 4-0 and now will wait at least a week for the Brooklyn-Toronto series to wrap up. Meanwhile, the Pacers are down 3-2 to the 8th seeded Hawks, while the Thunder and Spurs have their hands full. The Heat are chillin, healing their bruises, and waiting. Waiting is good. Sweeping is fun! Yay!

5. This Happened Last Night

The Heat have never shied away from speaking up and making a stand. Showing solidarity with the L.A. Clippers players over Donald Sterling's comments is nothing shocking for these guys.

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