Eight Places in Florida to Visit on Earth Day Ranked by Outdoorsiness

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5. Everglades State Park -- Flamingo Camp Ground
This is camping without really camping. It's possible to spend the night without even getting dirty. More like being at a music festival than anything else, this place is essentially a tent city sent up on a flat field. It overlooks a beautiful waterscape, sure, but what fun is camping if you aren't expected to pee outside? Make sure that if this is your choice of an outdoor excursion, you get there early enough to hit some trails. If not, you might be better off staying at home.

Wikimedia Commons, via Ebyabe

4. Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Grab an inner tube and spend the day floating down the Ichetucknee River near Gainesville. If you start near the north entrance, it'll take about three hours for you to float down the entire length of the oak-shaded waterway. In North Florida, the perennial debate is between Ichetucknee and Ginnie Springs. If you want to deal with frat boys floating kegs down the river and hear lots of screaming, the latter is your better bet. But of course you don't -- it's Earth Day, asshole. Chucking cans of Natty into the water defeats the whole point. Head to Ichetucknee, grab a burger from Bev's on the way back through High Springs, and call it a day well spent.

Wikimedia Commons, via Fredlyfish4

3. John Pennekamp State Park
It's an underwater park. We're not sure what else we need to say here. You can have an experience curated for you on a glass-bottomed boat or private snorkeling charter OR you can choose to meander through the mangroves yourself, find a secluded spot, and get set seeing barracuda and hogfish for your damned self. Make sure you get there early, though, so you can enjoy a Bud Heavy and a couple of conch fitters on the way back at Alabama Jack's -- the only bar in the world that closes at 7 p.m.

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