Pedophilia Rumors Roil Florida Pagan Community

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On April 6, the Frosts posted this reply to their critics, accusing them of misreading one of their key texts:

Good Witch's Bible, that most-quoted and least-read book, has again become the basis for a flap and a furor in the Wiccan community, especially in Florida... For many years the book has served as a pretext to demonize the Frosts nationwide -- served people who have wrought precisely nothing in furtherance of the Craft, much less read GWB carefully with an open mind. In recent weeks we Frosts have been accused (yet again) of pedophilia and sexual misconduct. There is no evidence to support either accusation. No social-services agency (eg. child protective services) or civil authority has ever accused us of any pedophilia. In fact, we say again: We are not pedophiles; nor do we endorse, encourage, or condone pedophilia in any form; nor do we support any pedophile who attempts to use Wicca as an excuse for any form of illegal behavior in any form.

While noting that their Church of Wicca has "a strict no student under 18 policy," the Frosts still advocate that female initiates to "the Great Rite" have their hymen "broken surgically by a physician rather than being a cause of pain during a first sexual experience."

The Frosts claim to be simply "memorializing as a part of Craft heritage a practice considered to be 20,000 years old." "We do not know why originally a phallus was used to break the hymen," they wrote. "Perhaps those ancient peoples were smart enough to know that young women tend fall in love with -- to imprint on -- the mail [sic] who shares their first sexual experience. Whatever the reason, it is clear that a baton de commandment was historically used."

The Frosts concluded with this suggestion:

...why not turn your anger and frustration towards building community and helping others?... Here is a short list we came up with in a 5-minute brainstorming session: 1) Volunteer at the local animal shelter; 2) Foster a child or children; 3) Volunteer with the elderly; 4) Volunteer at hospice; 5) Adopt and clean your local roads; 6) Recycle; 7) Spend time reflecting on lunar cycles; 8) Teach children about the sun, the moon, and the stars -- help them learn to read a compass; 9) Begin a community watch program; 10) Dance! 11) Support local artists and artisans, and 12) Support a living, unsigned musician.

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my husband and i are pagan/wiccan and we hate pedos more than anything in this world. just saying


Let the good times roil. No. That's a snippy comment...


While this article is informative and deals with a very serious issue in any community, I take umbrage with the line, "Even pagans have their limits, apparently".  Being Pagan doesn't mean, "Anything goes!"  I have been active in the Pagan community since 1995 and I have yet to come across a Pagan Tradition that does not have concepts of decent behavior and morality in it.  Most Wiccan Traditions, for example, follow the Wiccan Rede: As it harms none, do what thou wilt.  Wiccans take the concept of "harm" very seriously, too.  Pagans are, for better or worse, just as moral as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, and pretty much any other random group of people,

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