Cris Carter's Wife Gets Into Fight With Woman During Boca Tennis Match

Photo by WEBN-TV via Flickr Commons
Melanie Carter, wife of former Miami Dolphins and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, apparently got head-butted Tuesday morning after fighting with another woman over a tennis match.

According to a Boca Raton Police Department incident report, Melanie was playing a doubles tennis match with a couple of other women when a line judge made a call she didn't agree with.

Things got heated. One of the women on the opposing team and Melanie began to argue, and the next thing everyone knew, the two were on the ground in an all-out brawl.

Police say that Carter, 47, accused Kimberly Ann Fox, 43, of Parkland, of head-butting her before the two fell to the ground fighting.

The whole thing went down Tuesday morning during a match at the Seasons in Boca Raton. Fox apparently challenged a line judge about a disputed call. The judge ruled that the two sides should play the point again. Carter disagreed with the ruling and began to argue.

At this point, Fox and Carter began walking toward each other. At one point, police say, Fox said something along the lines of "hit me" before allegedly head-butting Carter. A brouhaha ensued, and the two women fell to the ground and kept fighting until they were separated.

Fox told Boca Police that everything happened just as Carter described but denied head-butting the woman. Fox accused Carter of throwing a punch as Fox tried to make an argument, according to the incident report.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Carter suffered a small cut on her face and knee. Fox suffered a small cut to the back of her head and complained of sore ribs. Both women were treated by Boca Raton Fire Rescue paramedics who arrived at the scene, but neither needed to go to the hospital.

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Your story is inaccurate.  Words were exchanged, Carter approached Fox with racquet in hand. Fox asked Carter, if she was "going to hit her now" Cater then took Fox into a headlock and threw her to the ground. Carter was on top of Fox, who was face down, and she continued to punch her repeatedly in the head, shoulders and ribs.  Fox did go to the hospital and had 2 stitches to the head and a concussion.  Her teammates lied to police that Fox head butted her to avoid Carter going to Jail  

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