Bomb Threat at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach; Students Evacuated From School UPDATE

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Update: The Delray Beach Police Department has given the all-clear. Students have been let back into the school, and authorities are investigating the threat.

According to the Delray Beach PD, a search of the school with help from Palm Beach Sheriff's Office bomb-sniffing dogs turned up no threat, and students were allowed to return to class.

Original post: Students at Atlantic High School in Delray Beach have been evacuated from the school following a bomb threat, according to the Delray Beach Police Department.

The bomb threat was called in this morning, and numerous police units are on the scene.

Police say the children are safe and are asking parents not to come to the school until they've determined if the threat is real or a hoax, per their Facebook page.

The Delray Beach PD says the students are all out of the school as authorities conduct a search.

They reiterate that parents should refrain from coming to the school at this time.

We'll update this story as we get more information

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Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

I was a public language arts teacher in Broward Co. for a few years - middle and high school. Any teacher can and will tell you that (on average) students go wild after FCATs are complete. If New Times has an Education Editor, float an idea by them for writing an educational research news piece covering how the percentage of students receiving disciplinary modification increases after FCAT testing is completed. This would be a great year to write about it because the FCAT is being replaced. If you work on this for a few years your research can look for bias towards the term "FCAT." Also, since Jeb Bush is running for office he might be inclined to comment on the end of the standardized test he championed (snark) and implemented.

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