Bob Coy Sex Scandal: Florida's Worst Religious Leaders

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2. Robert Tilton
The Fort Lauderdale-based Tilton is infamous for being the snake-oil salesman most people see church leaders to be. He's been accused of swindling people of millions and claimed he spoke in tongues in order to get a $1,000 vow from followers in exchange for "prosperity." It apparently worked. Tilton spent his followers' money extravagantly and once claimed that "if Jesus Christ were alive today and walking around, he wouldn't want his people driving Volkswagens and living in apartments."

Tilton hosted the television show Success-N-Life where all he did was ask followers for money. Eventually, when people learned that their checks weren't giving anyone but Tilton blessings, the lawsuits came.

1. Bob Coy
Coy, charismatic founder of Calvary Chapel, which was planted in Fort Lauderdale in 1985 and has since blown up into one of the biggest and richest churches in the U.S., abruptly resigned over the weekend over what the church is calling a "moral failing."

As it turns out, the "moral failing" reportedly came down to Coy's penchant for porn and adultery. According to another faith blog, Phoenix Preacher, Coy "admitted to at least two affairs in the past year alone and has had a longstanding "problem with pornography."

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Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith

Ahhh, Florida. Always above & beyond. Always a little "extra!"


Robert Tilton graduated from my High School (Richardson HS). Considered one of the better known, but one of the less distinguished, alums. When he ran his oppeations here in the Dallas area we had a drinking game while we watched on TV.    

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