Bob Coy Sex Scandal: Florida's Worst Religious Leaders

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6. Francisco Rios
Rios, a pastor at a Bradenton church, was arrested for sexually molesting three women. The victims, ages 12, 17, and 43, each discovered that the were assaulted by the same man -- Rios -- while speaking with each other about their ordeals. The 17-year-old victim says she was molested by Rios on 15 occasions. One blog asked the church's leaders to pray for Rios' demon of lust to leave his body.

5. Michael Ward
This Florida pastor was busted after being embroiled in a prostitution ring in 2014. According to authorities, Ward contacted an undercover cop and arranged to meet with her for paid sex. After Ward told the fake hooker what he wanted and how he would pay for it, he was arrested and charged with procuring for prostitution, a second-degree misdemeanor.

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Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith

Ahhh, Florida. Always above & beyond. Always a little "extra!"


Robert Tilton graduated from my High School (Richardson HS). Considered one of the better known, but one of the less distinguished, alums. When he ran his oppeations here in the Dallas area we had a drinking game while we watched on TV.    

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