Bob Coy Sex Scandal: Florida's Worst Religious Leaders

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8. David Loveless
Loveless was pastor at the Orlando-based megachurch Discovery Church, and was called "one of the top 20 Christian leaders in the U.S. to watch" before he was forced to step down for adultery in 2013.

"It is with great sadness that we announce the immediate resignation of our lead pastor, David Loveless, following his acknowledgment of his participation in a wrongful relationship over multiple years with a woman not his wife," Discovery's elders wrote in a statement at the time.

7. Mark Gardner
The pastor for the Northside Church of God in Miami was kicked out of the congregation after it was learned he took out four loans against the church totaling $520,246.73 between 2009 and 2011, which he, of course, never repaid. The interest on the loans eventually accumulated to $78,699.01. The church was eventually forced to change its locks to keep Gardner out.

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Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith

Ahhh, Florida. Always above & beyond. Always a little "extra!"


Robert Tilton graduated from my High School (Richardson HS). Considered one of the better known, but one of the less distinguished, alums. When he ran his oppeations here in the Dallas area we had a drinking game while we watched on TV.    

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