Bob Coy Sex Scandal: Florida's Worst Religious Leaders

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The recent news that Bob Coy, charismatic founder of Fort Lauderdale's Calvary Chapel, abruptly resigned over what the church is calling a "moral failing," has rocked believers and parishioners everywhere.

Under Coy's leadership, Calvary Chapel became the second-largest megachurch in Florida and the 14th-largest megachurch in America.

But Florida is no stranger to pastors and evangelists not exactly living up to their biblical-calling standards.

The two biggest culprits in their collective downfalls appear to be the demons of greed and lust. Turns out, the Sunshine State is home to a plethora of dudes who were totally BFFs with Jesus until they wanted to bang a lady who wasn't their wife or to take other people's money.

Here now are Florida's ten worst pastors:

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10. Gaston Smith
The well-dressed pastor, who served at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Liberty City in Miami, was convicted in 2009 of ganking $10,000 in county funds that were supposed to go to the city's poor. Smith faced up to five years in prison but received five years' probation and monitoring instead. He was also ordered to repay the money.

9. Sam Hinn
Orlando-based the Gathering Place pastor Sam Hinn was forced to step down after admitting to adultery in 2013.

Hinn, brother of famed televangelist Benny, said he had allowed himself "to be drawn into a relationship that has caused much hurt and pain to my wife and family. I have repented and asked for and received their forgiveness. Scripture states that I must bring forth the fruit of repentance if I expect to be restored." Eight months after the scandal, Hinn was restored as a pastor at the Church on the Living Edge in Longwood, Florida.

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Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith

Ahhh, Florida. Always above & beyond. Always a little "extra!"


Robert Tilton graduated from my High School (Richardson HS). Considered one of the better known, but one of the less distinguished, alums. When he ran his oppeations here in the Dallas area we had a drinking game while we watched on TV.    

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