101 Cantina: Police Reports From Boca Bar Detail Drunk Talk, Bottle-Smashing, Puking in Cop Cars

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4.On December 11, 2013, Kaitlin Murphy, 22, was walking near 101 Cantina with a Blue Moon in her hand.

An officer approached and reminded her that walking around with open alcohol wasn't really OK. According to the police report, she yelled, "I am 22 years old, and I can drink whatever I want."

The officer explained his position again and asked Murphy to rid herself of the beer. She yelled, "I am 22 fucking years old. Stop harassing me." The officer noticed Murphy's speech becoming slurred and asked for her I.D. "I do not have my fucking I.D.," she said. "I don't know where it is."

It was then that Murphy was told she would be placed under arrest, but when the officer grabbed hold of her arm, she yanked away and hollered, "What are you fucking doing? I didn't do anything wrong. Let go of me."

When the officers placed Murphy on the front of the car so they could handcuff her, Murphy began kicking her feet backward. Once she was finally secured in the back of the car, Murphy spat out, "You pigs, you fucking cunt, you fucking piece of shit, and you fucking asshole." She said that her uncle was a cop, that she planned to sue, and that she was allowed to drink.

Murphy believed she was being arrested for underage drinking despite multiple explanations. Then she tried to kick out the rear windows multiple times before being placed in a leg restraint. She was additionally charged with resisting an officer without violence and was issued a note to appear in court.

Charges were later filed for resisting an officer without violence and for consumption in public places, but the arraignment has been reset until April 17 because of an intervention agreement.

Murphy didn't respond to a Facebook message requesting comment.

3.When Alec Musa, 20, and his buddy Carlos Chacon, 32, went to 101 Cantina on October 12 last year with friends, the duo eventually went to use the restroom at the same time.

In the bathroom, Musa called out some dirty jokes to his buddy Chacon, parked at the next urinal over. Another guy in the bathroom, though, swore Musa was talking that noise to him.

The unknown male then approached Musa, who advised he wasn't talking about him. Musa repeated himself and entered a bathroom stall. Once he got out, though, the unknown male smashed a beer bottle over Musa's head, leaving him crumpled on the floor.

Chacon grabbed the bottle smasher and put him in a headlock before he broke free. Musa and Chacon bolted out of the restroom and chased the man outside, but he got away. Neither Musa nor Chacon recognized the man, but bouncers outside did and suspected the man worked at Night Owl, a nearby fellow FAU drinks hangout. Luckily, Musa had a friend who worked there, and after showing him David Boynton's picture on Facebook, Musa swore with certainty to police that he was the man who had done it.

When police reached Boynton, he refused to talk about the incident but didn't deny anything. He was cuffed and charged for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon using bodily harm before being transported to the Palm Beach County Jail.

Boynton later pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of aggravated battery. The state is planning to file charges. Boynton has not responded to a Facebook message asking for comment.

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Laser Cat Jimenez
Laser Cat Jimenez

"Officers went outside to make sure Lamendola left and found her near a parked car -- with her underwear down to her ankles. "Fuck the police," she yelled. She was peeing on a curb and talking on her cell phone while four guys looked on, the report states." #2turnt

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