Eight Dumb Florida Pot Arrests to Celebrate 4/20

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6. A Man Shows a Cop The Weed He Bought in Attempt to Rat Out Dope Dealer
Ok, so, this one is on the guy. But, still.

In October of 2013, Marcus Gollman called 911 after his alleged dealer's mother had yelled at him.

According to an arrest report, when the responding officer questioned Gollman why the woman had yelled at him, Gollman said, "Because I had bought dope from her daughter, and now I'm gonna turn her in to the police."

Gollman then invited the police officer to his home to see the dope he had bought from the girl.

"Come to my house and I'll give you the dope," he said. "It's in a green plastic bag. It's a little marijuana."

The officer waited outside Gollman's house until he came back out with a bag weed.

"Here's the dope I bought, sir," Gollman said, according to the report.

The stunned deputy then arrested Gollman on the spot.

Gollman was charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams.

5. Cops Stumble Upon a Grow House While Investigating a Possible Burglary That Had Nothing to Do With the Grow House
According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, a 911 call to report a possible burglary brought authorities to a home in unincorporated West Palm Beach where a grow house was being used in the garage.

Cops say a child who was in the house apparently spotted three men loitering in the home's backyard. One of the men wore a bandanna over his face, while another held a gun.

The three men then began to demand that the kid let them into the house. When he didn't, the man holding the gun pointed it at him.

The child immediately called 911 and reported the incident.

Responding officers immediately noticed a strong smell of weed in the house.

Cops followed the smell into the home's garage, which was not so much being used to park cars but more to grow weed. Lots and lots and lots of weed. Authorities recovered around 75 pounds of pot in the garage. The three men the kid saw were not connected to the grow house.

Turns out, the man growing the weed was renting out the space in the home. He was arrested, while the would-be burglars who threatened a child with a gun were never caught.


4. Man Gets Busted Transporting $356,000 Worth of Pot Because He Can't Drive
Michael John Cefola had been driving for days, transporting cargo in his vehicle all the way from California. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was just carelessness. But Cefola couldn't keep his blue Chevy four-door from swerving in and out of the lane on a Gainesville highway.

A police officer noticed this and pulled Cefola over. Turns out, the officer happened to be a member of the Gainesville-Alachua County Drug Task Force.

Also, turns out Cefola was allegedly transporting about 90 pounds of pot worth around $356,000 on the streets.

The officer was patrolling the I-75 corridor in a clearly marked patrol vehicle when he spotted Cefola's car swerving back and forth.

The officer's intent was to pull Cefola over for an infraction after failing to maintain in a single lane while in traffic. But Cefola's suspicious behavior caught the cop's attention. He searched the car, found the pot, and arrested Cefola.

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