Student Brings AR-15 Rifle and Ammo to Miramar High School

A student at Miramar High School apparently brought an AR-15 machine gun and two fully loaded ammo clips as he drove into school on Monday, cops say.

The student never took the weapon into the school, and it's unclear how officials found out the student had a high-powered rifle in his car.

Police were called to the school, where they arrested the student on a charge of having a weapon or destructive device within 1,000 feet of a school.

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According to a Miramar Police affidavit, at 2 p.m. Monday, the school's principal told police that Anthony Barrow, 19, a student at the school, was in possession of a firearm.

Police arrived at Miramar High, which is located on 3601 SW 89th Ave., where they found Barrow's 1997 Ford Expedition parked in the student parking lot.

There, on the vehicle's floorboard, they discovered the AR-15 rifle along with two fully loaded magazines containing 60 rounds, according to the report.

Barrow was arrested and booked into the Broward Jail.

He stood before Broward Judge John "Jay" Hurley on Tuesday, when the judge set bond at $1,000.

"I'm trying to figure out why a student at Miramar High School would have an AR-15 in the car with 60 rounds," Hurley said during the appearance. "Think about how many students have been killed when people take AR-15s to different schools. This is really just outside of the parameters of acceptable behavior."

Hurley also ordered Barrow not to go on any school grounds unless he's cleared by a separate judge, should the 19-year-old post bond.

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A  $1000.00 bond that's it?  This kid should be expelled from the school. What is the matter with kids these days? Its a real shame our Country is turning out like this. I don't blame the guns. A lot of these kids need anger management & coping skills, maybe it needs to be taught in schools. Its come down to that.

We all need to impress upon our kids from a very young age, to hurt people, animals is wrong. If you feel the need, try and work it out, these skills need to be taught. Its every parents responsibility.

Kids today have so many opportunities to make a good life. Whether they go to college or vocational school. To work for a living is just something we all have to do. It is a fact of life and hopefully they can find a job they love. But it does not always happen. Not many people can go to their first or second job and this happens, it takes time unless they are very lucky.

Guns are for the home, if an intruder comes you can defend yourself & your family if threatened. Its not to carry around at school with the intent. A person should not even own a gun unless they have responsible behaviors & the respect of human life. This misuse is not what God had intended for us.


He was legally allowed to own that rifle.  

He may not be legally allowed to have it in his car on campus.

if that was a business, it would have been legal.  

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