Florida Is Becoming an Unlikely Obamacare Success Story

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Despite Florida Republicans pretty much doing everything within their power to derail Obamacare,
more than 440,000 Florida residents have already enrolled Affordable Care Act through the federal marketplace website.

According to a report by the AP, the state is expected to blow projections out of the water by the time enrollment closes on March 31.

Florida GOPers, meanwhile, have done everything to block navigators -- workers hired to help people enroll -- from getting into county health departments, and offering no financial help for groups looking to help the nearly 3.5 million uninsured Floridians get enrolled.

See also: Broward County to Have Obamacare Navigators, Despite Rick Scott's Crusade to Ban Them

Another strong Republican state, Texas, has seen 295,000 enrolled so far. Other states, such as Arizona, and Georgia, are also lagging behind.

With all the obstructions by the Republican-led Legislature, Florida was considered an unlikely place to have so many enrolled, unlike states such as the Democratic-heavy New York, which has seen over 700,000 enrolled as of March 24. It's far more than Florida but, unlike the Sunshine State, New York was expected to see a big number.

"It's a system that works," Emily Wren, who works for one of the roughly fifty non-profits that employ navigators in New York, tells New Times. "People who couldn't get health care because of costs, are now able to do so. People are learning that it's not going to cost them a year's salary to get healthcare."

The high enrollment numbers in Florida will only be more fodder for both sides as election season starts to boil.

"(The Republicans) are going to use Obamacare as a hammer over the Democratic candidates in November," Democratic strategist Screven Watson told the Associated Press.

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frankd4 topcommenter

.................actually the FIRST state to herald and champion oBaMacare is massachussetts (1) because ROMNEYcare (commonwealthcare) is the model of oBaMacare

FLORIDA probably has more per capita on MEDICARE with all our senior retirees that medicaid is a shoo-in for popularity of those newly retired or nearing retirement

all the political BS is to be expected from BONDI and oH MARco ! who are egotistical self-important ken and barbie dolls without a single brain between the two of them AND gov scott would be incarcerated for criminal fraud at his HMO if he didn't get himself elected first - he may ultimately be convicted yet - so NO florida does not have the BEST or BRIGHTEST representing us

otherwise the rest of our population, the canadiens, are already covered

(1) i know MA is NOT a state but a commonwealth


Terrible news for Florida Republicans.  

Looks like their worst dreams are coming true:  People actually getting needed Healthcare insurance coverage, and Florida Republicans being called out as known liars and connivers and traitors and saboteurs.

God Bless this President, who never gave up.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

"So, as it ever was, even with the roughly 6 billion people having signed up for it"

6 Billion!  Sounds like the numbers coming from the administration. 

Signing up is one thing.  Paying for it is another and seeing how it performs is still another. 

frankd4 topcommenter

.........................this reminded me of O H I O voters going oBaMa who had basically used QEII to bail-out the autoworkers J O B s to which romney / boehner had no answer to except LIE about jeep moving to CHINA - remember

the GOP is not above LYING when all else fails

its' just BONDI and oH MARco ! are too unsophisticated as ken and barbie dolls to be trustworthy or believable anyway

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