Florida Bill That Would Arm School Employees to Go Before Senate Panel

Republican state senator in Florida Alan Hays is just a vessel of amazing ideas. The man who once filed legislation to keep public buses from stopping on streets because one time he got stuck in traffic behind one and who once called Sharia law a "dreadful disease" that needed vaccination, and who is fighting a battle to get all that Muslim stuff out of school textbooks to make room for Christianity has yet another winning idea up his sleeve.

Hays is now sponsoring a bill that would allow school employees to carry guns.

On Monday, Florida's Senate Criminal Justice Committee is going to be getting together to discuss whether having people walking around with guns in schools is a good idea.

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Specifically the bill (SB 968) would require a school district board to designate trained personnel to carry concealed firearms on school grounds to "prevent violent crimes from occurring on school grounds."

Basically the bill is being proposed in case there's ever an active shooter on any given school campus or should a hostage situation arise.

Providing an exception to a prohibition on possession of firearms or other specified devices on school property or in other specified areas for authorized concealed weapon or firearm licensees as designated by school principals or district superintendents; requiring a school district board to formulate policies and procedures for managing active-shooter and hostage situations; authorizing district school boards to commission one or more school safety officers on each school campus, etc.

The people schools would eventually decide to hire to walk around inside schools armed with a gun would have to complete a minimum of 40 hours of a school-safety program before getting the gig. They would also be required to complete eight hours of active-shooting training and four hours' worth of training in firearms proficiency every year.

A potential candidate would also have to either be an honorably discharged member of the military, National Guard, or reserves, and must not have any gun-related infractions on his record. Or he just needs to have a valid concealed weapon permit.

Either way, whoever would get this job would basically just have to love the hell out of guns and have a clean record.

We don't need no new laws or bills that make it hard for wackos to get guns. Nope. What we need to do is to arm people in schools so that when said wacko enters any given school, it will turn into a militarized zone.


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Hey, i know, lets just ban guns all together.  throw out the 2nd amendment and that way only cops and soldiers would have guns.  

Because banning things has historically worked out so well for us in the past.  I mean, just look at weed, coke, heroin, meth et al.  Its just impossible to acquire any of those things right?  

And if we ban guns outright, then the people who cannot legally own them under the current laws are sure to not be able to get them anyway right?  I mean, whens the last time you saw a gang banger with a felony record with a glock? Its ludicrous to even consider such a scenario isnt it? Or members of an outlaw motorcycle club? I mean surely those guys have never been able to find a gun that didnt require a background check or permit to carry it.  This is a great idea!!

Now, sarcasm aside, while many of you would consider me one of those "gun toting whack jobs", I'm not opposed to LOGICAL and reasonable gun laws. I do not believe that anyone with a VIOLENT crime felony should own a gun.  I do not believe anyone with serious mental illness should own a gun. I have no problem submitting to a background check every time i buy a gun (yeah, read that bit closely, they do a background check on me every time i buy a gun. Every. Single. Time.)

But, these proposed laws that ban "assault rifles" or "high capacity magazines" (FYI, Unless youre discussing a rifle like the M1 Garande, if you ever refer to a magazine as a 'clip" then you do not know enough about guns to even be discussing them much less trying to pass laws regulating them)  The 'assault weapons ban' (again, a misnomer much like "clips", but its so ingrained in the common vernacular that i'll just have to bite my tongue and go with it) is just stupid, pointless, and will do nothing but punish people like myself who have never committed a crime with their firearms.  According the the FBI's statistics, there are more violent crimes committed with hammers than 'assault rifles', so why go and ban something that isnt even the source or the problem? The same goes for magazine capacity.  

So, what this proposed bill would do is essentially hire private security guards to protect our children versus having the city pay a police officer to be at the school.  Its likely they could accomplish this for less money than a cop would cost them.  I've know teachers who had been soldiers, why would arming them be a bad idea? No one can tell when i carry a gun, its not difficult to conceal it, and that would give you another trained and equipped person on the scene from the start of it to help try and mitigate the situation.  

I think the proposed law could have been 
presented better, but i think that if you were able to think about it without your preconceived ideas about guns and the people who own them, you might not be so against the idea.  But the way you wrote the article leaves absolutely no doubt as to your opinion on the subject which is really too bad.  Selective outrage damages your credibility.

After all, far more people are killed with cars than guns, but i dont see any articles where you point out that despite the fastest speed limits in the country are only around 80mph they sell cars that will go almost twice that fast.  I mean, if i dont need more than 10 bullets in my gun, why do you or anyone else need an italian sports car that will go over the speed limit? (or any car that will go over the speed limit, they could put a chip in the cars computer that would block it from speeding, why are you not advocating that?)  Since many car accidents are caused by drinking and driving, why are you not crying out for ALL cars to be fitted with breathalyzers like the ones people have to have if they get a DUI?  Since i "could" commit a crime with my gun, you want them either more tightly regulated or banned.  Yet despite the fact that you "could" drink and drive, i see no calls for these breathalyzers to be mandatory in all cars. 

Selective outrage and hypocrisy.  You dont own guns and dont care to so that makes it ok for you to support the infringement of my rights.  Its a shame that youve chosen to use the public forum youve been given in this manner.  You could be fighting for the rights of all citizens, but youve chosen to go over to the dark side.  

it really is too bad. 


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Yeah, THAT wont end badly.  The GOP has never found a problem that could not be solved by throwing guns at it.  The ignorance is strong in Hays.

icculus17 topcommenter

we can't afford Art teachers, but we can pay some PD reject $30K to walk around with a gun?


@icculus17  Its unlikely that we'd agree on the gun issue, but i wholeheartedly agree with you about it sucking that we cannot afford Art teachers...or in some cases music teachers...and in all cases to pay ALL of our teachers a wage that reflects their contribution to society. THIS i agree with you on 100%. 

BUT that "PD Reject with a gun" would do WAY more to protect our children than the $10 sign out by the road declaring the school a 'gun free zone'.  Banning guns will not keep criminals from getting them any more than banning drugs keeps users from getting them.  Thats just reality.  So rather than doing stupid things so that we can lie to ourselves and say we're doing something, why do we not just do something? 

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