Five April Fool's Pranks You Should Never Try in Florida

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4. The harmless sink prank.
Fine. We can't storm into someone's house with a knife. That's a no-brainer. But what about getting someone a little wet with this classic sink prank?

Oh, the family fun! Dad gets a little wet. We all laugh. We're having fun!

So let's see what would happen if we move this prank over to the Sunshine State.


What happened? How did that escalate so quickly?!

I'll tell you how: You're in Florida, you idiot! Dad just bought that shirt at the Swap Shop, and you know he's not a strong swimmer. That's more than enough justification to start poppin' off rounds. The man had no choice but to stand his ground!

3. The ninja prank.
So your house and family are off-limits, and you're thinking, "Hey, let's take this outside."

What fun! Everyone's laughing, the swords are made of foam, and no one got hurt! Floridians would love this. Wouldn't they?

You deserved that one. You really think you can round up 15 of your closest friends and go around ambushing people on the mean streets of Florida? What's wrong with you? You're not even allowed to hold the door open for someone in Florida without legally forfeiting your right to not get stabbed in the ankle.

I don't feel bad for you anymore.

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