Downtown Fort Lauderdale Named Among Top Ten Downtowns in U.S.


The internet has made official what we pretty much already knew: Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a kickass place.

How kickass? According to, it's the seventh-best downtown in the U.S.

The website is all about tracking down and ranking the best cities to live and work in, avoiding the obvious bloated metropolises and focusing more on midsized burgeoning cities.

And, among them, Fort Lauderdale is, indeed, the bomb. (Do the kids still say things are "the bomb" nowadays? The ones I chased off my lawn won't tell me.)

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"Great downtowns unite residents from all walks of life, even those in the suburbs, by providing places to connect," says in the introduction to their list. "Above all, the top-performing downtowns must maintain a high level of energy and give all residents in a city a reason to come on down."

The website collected the usual data for these kinds of lists -- growth of income, growth in population, office vacancy rates, unemployment, the ratio of people who live and work in the area, and livability.

But they also went the organic route, factoring in respective downtowns' skylines and talking with people who live and work there. They even factored in the street sounds. A great downtown has to have great street sounds.

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As for Fort Lauderdale's downtown, the website says it made the list thanks to more businesses moving into the area, as well as the growing number of young professionals who work there and have moved into the downtown's condos

Growth of income and the fact that it's a livable downtown is what made Fort Lauderdale stand out.

And also, its beautiful aesthetics:

The meandering New River and an intricate canal system give Fort Lauderdale a Venice-like feel. Downtown high-rises offer expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean, intracoastal waterway and saltwater lakes. Both tourists and locals head to Himmarshee Village for shopping, live entertainment and locally owned restaurants and pubs. Many patrons of the nearby Broward Center for the Performing Arts stop here to extend their evenings. More than 40,000 Fort Lauderdale residents live on yachts docked at the more than 100 marinas and boatyards, many of which are connected to downtown by sidewalks and bike paths covered by a canopy of trees. Families flock to the Riverwalk area in downtown, which includes a park and cultural amenities like the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens along with the Nova Southeastern University Museum of Art.

Here's the full rankings:

1. Fort Worth, TX

2. Providence, RI

3. Indianapolis, IN

4. Provo, UT

5. Alexandria, VA

6. Frederick, MD

7. Fort Lauderdale, FL

8. Bellingham, WA

9. Eugene, OR

10. Birmingham, AL

You can read about the full rankings here.

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Downtown WAS fun, but man did it ever go south.  While I still love Poorhouse, thats the lone bright spot down there.  And now it costs too much to go there with those parking lots charging a LOT more than what their signs say..Just not worth the effort to go there anymore.

Jferever Dilligaf Gonz
Jferever Dilligaf Gonz

If you dont like the city GTFO...promise you wont be misssed. Ft Lauderdale is eclectic and its been growing. I love where its headed with cool venues for music, drinks if we could revamp riverfront then we would be really good. Theres always something to do and its a lot less crazy and homelessy than miami.....oh and people speak english.

Timothy Wildrick
Timothy Wildrick

Build a few more "luxury apartments" more traffic and less water

Chris Hockenbury
Chris Hockenbury

I love Fort Lauderdale. Live and work within the city limits and wouldn't want to live anywhere else!!


any list of best downtowns to live that doesn't mention places like new york, chicago, LA, and San Fran is fugazy.......did they really put UTAH on the list lol??

D Kyle Quillen
D Kyle Quillen

What a joke, traffic sucks, no parking, crazy homeless people everywhere...


...someone must have paid Liveable. com to rate these cities ...Ft Lauderdale is ok, but way to plastic to be considered one of the best, even for Florida.... as for Fort Worth, the city sucks, Austin is much more inclusive, welcoming .... Lake Worth Fla beats them all!! We're just not as rich......

Sergio Coya
Sergio Coya

I love Fort Lauderdale. Born and raised right here. In Broward. I think Fort Lauderdale has a lot of potential and is under appreciated.

frankd4 topcommenter

.............yes indeed,  the lack of reasonable cost parking was purposefully imposed to screw the TOURISTs,  so downtown is basically for out-of-town visitors only

likewise,  the bar and restaurant employees augment their income by working with PREDATORY TOWING operators as waiters and servers and will call-in their own bar and restaurant patrons because they get a piece of the towing charges (generally $25 to $50)

and RIVERWALK is dead = period

frankd4 topcommenter

......................actually thevariety of lists rated by population - ft liquordale is in the mid-size population group - the idea is to sell real estate since the pollster is in real estate as an agent

what i find interesting is the "nightlife" in FTL is basically fueled by visitors not local yokels so i guess they are the most likely to buy a condo as a target group

this list doesn't mean anything to anyone actually living in broward

frankd4 topcommenter so for TOURISTs and people here on vacation who are basically the people who fuel ft liqourdale's "nightlife"

frankd4 topcommenter

......................its for TOURISTs, not locals

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