Ten Reasons the Dania Beach Casino & Jai Alai Is Still Awesome

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Circa a long time ago.
Dania Beach Jai-Alai opened in the 1950s and was one of the first frontons to operate in the country. At its peak in the '90s, the sport attracted thousands of spectators, but those numbers have significantly decreased as other gambling options (like horse and dog tracks) became available.

Over the years, Dania Jai-Alai has switched owners, with each implementing small changes. But the group of Argentine businessmen who purchased the jai alai last May performed a total face-lift: The facility's vast seating was torn up to make room for a new, two-story casino, a glass-encased poker room, a bar and food area, and a live music lounge.

When it reopened under its new moniker, Dania Beach Casino & Jai-Alai, in late February, the glitz of the place overshadowed its once-modest beginnings. If you look closely, though, you'll find remnants of the old place and potentially new things to enjoy.

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Sweet potato fries, oh my!

10. They have sweet potato fries.
Don't get me wrong: Their hot dogs both pre- and postremodel have been great. They're a timeless staple here. But during the remodel, the menu received a face-lift as well. The prices are a bit higher than before, but the quality of the food is significantly better, and the wait staff is friendly and all smiles. When a friend ordered a Cuban sandwich (which was surprisingly very tasty), there was the option of regular or sweet potato fries. While it's a no-brainer (sweet potato fries all the way!), it felt like we were at an actual restaurant and not some random food bar in the middle of a never-closing casino. Next time I'm in the area again, I'd consider going in just for that sandwich and those fries. Mmm...

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frankd4 topcommenter

................the sunbird old-timers told me the place is a BARN and would NOT return except for free play cards or coupons


If you enjoyed Dania Jai Alai before they reopened, don't go back. This place just makes me sad now. 

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