West Palm Beach's Most Wanted Criminals

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Our justice system is the string that holds the fabric of civilized society together. There would be no repercussions for murder, rape, and all sorts of horrible things humans are capable of doing without it. And without punishment and discipline against those who commit these crimes, people would be forced to seek justice on their own in twisted and bloody ways.

The West Palm Beach Police Department lists three people in its most wanted section. These three people are accused of attempting murder and then fleeing the area before they could go through the process to either clear their name or serve for the crimes a jury found them guilty of committing, leaving the families of their victims with little sense of closure. Anyone with any information is urged to call 561-822-1900.

3. Arnulfo Merino
Charged with: one count of attempted first-degree murder, one count aggravated assault, three counts of attempted felony murder.

On May 11, 2006, there was a misunderstanding about a stolen van. Then 20-year-old Arnulfo Merino believed Jose Almanza had taken it earlier in the day, the West Palm Beach Police report states. But the report states that Almanza couldn't have taken Merino's van: He didn't match the description and was driving his company van that day.

Merino then showed up with a getaway driver and two other males at Almanza's house. One of Merino's accomplices pointed a semiautomatic at Almanza's head as he was working in the yard. Almanza struck the man with a shovel and PVC pipe before Merino was able to shoot him. A second accomplice then tried to electrocute Almanza with a stun gun. As the accomplices ran away with Merino toward their getaway vehicle, they began firing at Almanza's family, who were also in the yard. One bullet struck Almanza's wife; others struck two of his four children. "Jose and his wife positively identified Arnulfo as the same person who was at their home in the afternoon and as the same person who returned with two additional males and tried to murder them," the report states.

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