UFOs Spotted in Downtown Fort Lauderdale Last Week (Video)

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Like all epic stories, we found this one while talking to someone at a bar. In fact, it was Taco Tuesday at Miami's Wood Tavern. We were four tacos and two beers deep when I asked him if he'd seen anything particularly newsworthy recently.

"I saw a UFO the other day," this guy told me. "I have a video of it."

Now, before you think I'm talking to your run-of-the-mill Florida looney tune, let me defend this man's sanity. His name is Tom Wareham, and he's a 30-year-old insurance adjuster from Fort Lauderdale. He wasn't wearing a tinfoil hat, he knew all the U.S. presidents in order up to Coolidge, and he prefers the Rolling Stones to the Beatles.

He whipped out his iPhone 4 and showed me this shaky video of a hardly noticeable orange speck. It was pretty pathetic. I heard crickets in the background and saw the back door of his house. I was thinking something crazy would happen at any second like in a tacky mockumentary, but it was indeed an unidentified floating object.

Wareham claims there were multiple flashing orbs and for almost 20 minutes they would move around in weird directions. (But he didn't capture that part on video, he explains.)

Is it a glow-in-the-dark bird? A plane? Superman? He says no to all. An Amazon drone? He says definitely not. I asked him if it was a satellite. He said no. I asked him if he was sure it wasn't a satellite. He said he was really sure.

Since this isn't Russia and every car does not come equipped with a handy dandy dashboard cam, I went to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) to see if other seemingly normal people saw any floating orbs too. And on Saturday, January 25, there were seven reported UFO sightings in South Florida. On most days, there are only two sightings called in. On Saturday, January 25, between 8:35 and 10:51 p.m., seven people from as far north as Lakeland and as far south as Sunrise and as west as Fort Myers all witnessed unidentified flying objects.

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On 4/17 around 2am, I saw this red/green orb hovering over University Dr at NW 5th St in Plantation, completely silent, going back and forth ( Video: http://youtu.be/QuhtPXrru04 )


My wife and I also saw the 15 or so objects. We pulled over and also took some video. We where driving down Oakland park blvd and I pulled over to watch the light show. It was amazing and freaky. The video shown was after the lights formed a V shape the an S configuration then dispursed. I was so happy to see this article to confirm what we witnessed.

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