UCF Student Accused of Posting Revenge Porn Is Unapologetic on Twitter

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Sean Shahid
University of Central Florida student Sean Shahid is a millennial. The 20-year-old has 674 followers on Twitter and 745 on Instagram. He also snapchats and posts Vine videos.

And when Shahid's ex-girlfriend was approached to testify in a case Shahid was involved in, Shahid threatened to post comprising photos of her on social media sites if she talked. His ex-girlfriend spoke to police and Shahid kept up his end of the deal, posting the sexually explicit photos and videos. His ex-girlfriend took screenshots and went to police.

While the details of the original case Shahid is involved in are vague (something with a car burglary), on January 29, Shahid was arrested on charges of stalking and tampering with a witness. (In Florida, it's not illegal to post photos of a person without their permission unless that person is under 18).

The photos of his ex-girlfriend have now been taken down, but Shahid's Twitter is a collection of sorry-I'm-not-sorry and slut-shaming excerpts by him and his friends.

Their relationship started off looking like every other: overphotographed and sappy.



Somewhere between last summer and the end of January, things ended, and not on good terms.

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Chris Palacio
Chris Palacio

Yes It should people who disagree are really out of touch with technology's tole in our lives... It's the equivalent of virtual molestation .. Think of it this way... If you sleep with a boyfriend.. Is it okay for him to force himself and his friends on you later? .. Of course not so if you send a private message to a person and they decide to share and post it and humiliate you.. Then they should be charges with sexual assault. Admit it.


Who cares? That was the dumbest story I've read in a long time

AJ Grossman
AJ Grossman

well, how would it be enforced? I have had to give permission at events (5ks or fundraisers, or other venues) that have asked for a photo release to use my image in any promotion etc... The problem is with everyone having a cellphone and snapping pictures how does one control the use of their image???

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