Top Five Dumbest Florida Criminals for January

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1. The Guy Who Bit His Neighbor's Ear Off for Not Giving Him a Cigarette

A Florida man decided to go all Mike Tyson on his neighbor's ear because he didn't give him a cigarette.

According to Boca police, the victim had a chunk of his ear bitten off after he turned down the man who had asked for a smoke.

A thin piece of cartilage kept the whole ear from being ripped from the man's head.

The victim, John Ott, told police he was helping a friend with something when Alberto Felipe, his neighbor on Jeffrey Street in Boca Raton, asked if he could bum a cigarette.

Ott turned Felipe down.

But Felipe is not a man who takes "No" for answer.

And by that, we mean he'll apparently try to eat anyone who says "No" to him.

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