Ryan Uhre: What We Know So Far About the FSU Student's Disappearance and Death

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Police are still awaiting the autopsy results of Weston native and FSU student, Ryan Uhre, whose body was discovered on the rooftop of a building in Tallahassee on Wednesday after he had vanished for nearly two weeks.

Uhre's disappearance has been a high-profile case, hitting close to home and coming to a sudden and tragic ending.

The story is also intriguing, as the reasons Uhre disappeared remain a mystery. And since police found no evidence of foul play, questions also remain as to how the FSU student may have died, or how he may have ended up on a rooftop above a bar.

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It's a seemingly impenetrable case with many questions. Here's a recap of what we know so far:

Where was Ryan Uhre last seen?
Uhre reportedly was hanging out at Andrews Bar and Grill in the 100 block of College Avenue in Tallahassee on Super Bowl Sunday. The bar is two blocks away from his fraternity house, Alpha Delta Phi, on College Avenue. He then reportedly left the bar alone and was spotted by surveillance cameras in an alley down the street.

Where was he found?
Uhre's body was found Wednesday on the rooftop of the building where he was last seen. Someone inside a hair salon adjacent to the building spotted his body from a window, and contacted police.

Were there any signs of foul play?
Tallahassee Police say they've found no evidence of foul play. But they haven't said if Uhre's death was accidental or not. The autopsy will surely gives us more insight.

What do the cops know?
At the moment, Tallahassee police only know that Uhre was in an alley by the building where his body was eventually found. Surveillance cameras spotted Uhre either walking into, or out of the alley.

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Rosies bar and grille is in Wilton Manors NOT Weston, check ur facts


Yeah, but if you didn't die of some crazy drunken accident, and you were killed, it's right for someone to investigate it. @dantevida  

dantevida topcommenter

when I think of some of the crazy things I did in my college years, it's a wonder I didn't end up on a roof somewhere dead.  don't see why it's such a big mystery.

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