Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito Texts Released

Then, in the texts dated November of 2013, the two begin to hash out what happened with Martin when he abruptly walked out on the team after an apparent lunch room prank went badly.


It would appear that Incognito was concerned for Martin, asking him if things were alright, and offering some humor to lighten things up.

Then there are the infamous Vegas text messages, where Incognito drops gay and racial slurs on Martin in a seemingly playful manner. There's also talk of getting themselves cocaine and hookers, although there is no way to tell for certain if this is a joke.


When reading through all 1,000-plus texts, the overall feeling is that Incognito is a loud obnoxious, albeit playful guy, while Martin is more reserved and introverted.

Whether Martin felt uncomfortable during every single exchange will remain up for debate.

Some people have made up their minds that Incognito is a mindless thug.

Other people have made up their minds that Martin is a wussy quitter.

So, in all likelihood, these texts won't change the conversation all that much.

Though some may walk away with their minds changed, others will walk away wishing they were friends with and would totally hang out with Incognito and Martin.

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Grace Lynn
Grace Lynn

These made me laugh so hard! I have been meaning to check them out! Thanks for posting.

Alex Castro
Alex Castro

Exactly. Something tells me that by judging from these texts- he more than likely WASNT bullied into doing shit. Just a big pussy IMO

Darren Braun
Darren Braun

The texts and "harsh language" I think are overblown. What i don't get is this guy was required to pay $15,000 for his TEAMMATES to go on a trip to Vegas. Granted, he makes pro football player money, but he's far from top tier, and $15k is a lot of coin. THAT should have been the focus of the whole thing, NOT the words.

Alex Castro
Alex Castro

Well shit, this is no different than my teammates and I...

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