Florida Republicans Don't Know the Difference Between New York and New Jersey

Wikimedia Commons via Michael Rivera
The Florida Capitol, which sources tell us is not in Alabama.
Before we begin, why don't you cue this one up.

Now, there we go.

So last week was the big lead-up to Super Bowl Sunday, and just about every piece of the cultural machine was calibrated in some way toward the Denver-Seattle head-to-head. Of course, this includes the political realm, where no one passes up an easy layup. For the Republicans at the steering wheel of the Florida House, the Big Game presented the perfect opportunity to dog some East Coast Dems.

As BrowardBeat pointed out earlier, the Florida House Republicans cooked up the infographic below. Titled "Games of the Week: New York vs. Florida," the piece compares the two states in a number of categories, like unemployment, job growth, and credit rating. By the Republican call, Florida has the advantage on every front. "KEY TO VICTORY: REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC POLICIES WORK."


But there's a bit of a problem here, if you know anything about geography... or sports... or spent any time last week paying attention to the news instead of sitting at your Gateway making a stupid infographic.

See, although the big game was billed as a New York event... IT WAS PLAYED IN NEW JERSEY.




Now, if you're the type of backwoods inbred who actually steers his or her life course to some midlevel staff job in Tallahassee, assistant blah coordinator blah of policy blah to something blah or other blah, you probably haven't seen much of the world outside the Panhandle. It would be like if I said Panama City is in Mississippi. See, now you're all mad, right? Damn, you are mad, bro.

It's probably worth pointing out that New Jersey is run by the Republican winning big in the douche category these days -- Chris Christie. The state is also in the tank, economically speaking, thanks largely to Christie's policies. So the irony here is that Florida Republicans are banging the gong for the exact agenda that is playing rough in the state where the Super Bowl was actually played.

Maybe, you're thinking, they realized this, and just made the chart anyway because of the overwhelming PR campaign labeling this the "New York" Super Bowl. To which we reply: Sure. Sure they did, buddy. Sure. Lotta effort went into that infographic, and why risk the embarrassment of anyone who knows their White Plains from their East Orange? No, this was just a stupid screw-up.

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Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

And the nfl thanked New york and not new jersey, the nfl experience was in time square( is that in NY or NJ??? Do you know?) And they could have used California would that have made you happy? There would have been higher numbers of Florida side. Stop nit picking over stupid things. Even major news outlets have gotten off the democrat dick since they realized they were lied to. Even NPR that's right the place Romney wanted to take funding from has led go of the cock of the democrats. I think it's time for you to as well.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Oooohh  Great catch. 

I guess the NFL needs a geography lesson too when they promoted the Super Bowl being played in NEW YORK for over a year. 

"No, this was just a stupid screw-up. "

No, this was just a stupid article

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